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Standard 2

Skill and Fitness Based Competence:  Physical education teacher candidates are physically educated individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to demonstrate competent movement performance and health enhancing fitness delineated in the NASPE K-12 Standards.

Element 2.1

Demonstrate personal competence in motor skill performance for a variety of physical
activities and movement patterns.

Motor skill performance shouldn't be based solely on traditional team sports, and while I feel that those competencies are important I pride myself in being active and knowledgeable in a variety of other non-traditional lifetime activities. These include hiking, snowboarding, kayaking, wake boarding and mountain biking. These skills are important because they demonstrate the ability to perform a variety of tasks under different and multidimensional environments. I feel that I meet this standard by continuously participating as well as coaching some of these activities throughout the year moving from one season to another rather than focusing on one sport for only one season. I can be seen here as one of the lead snowboarding instructors at Labrador Mountain. Also when stationed in Jacksonville, NC I can bee seen here giving a surfing lesson to my brother and another local boy.

Element 2.2

Achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of fitness throughout the program.

Maintaining a health-enhancing level of fitness doesn't always have to include working out in a gym, or running on a treadmill. I completed a research study of the benefits of golf and how it can promote a healthy lifestyle as well as providing an effective means of exercise. I am an avid golfer and play continuously throughout the year, walking the courses during the summer and swing training indoors when inclement weather prohibits me from playing outdoors. I feel that my participation in this activity meets the standard and that this study proves that the benefits from this activity work hand in hand with promoting and maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

Link to the Benefits of Golf Study